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You will find in Luxembourg country page all the Embassies and Consulates of Luxembourg around the world, besides all foreign embassies and consulates, which is located in Luxembourg. The two columns below display countries, all foreign embassies located in Luxembourg are found in the left column. While all Embassies and Consulates of Luxembourg around the World are found in the right column. Information includes the embassy address, phone number, fax, email and official website. Find Embassy also provides a review system that enables our users to share their experience dealing with the embassy

Foreign Embassies in Luxembourg

  Armenia   Austria   Barbados   Belgium   Bulgaria   Burundi   Cameroon   Canada   China   Comoros
  • Comoros Consulate in , Luxembourg

  Czech Republic   Denmark   Djibouti   Estonia   Finland   France   Germany   Greece   Greenland   India   Indonesia   Ireland   Italy   Japan   Madagascar   Malta   Netherlands   Oman   Poland   Romania   Russia   Seychelles   Slovenia   South Africa   Spain   Swaziland   Sweden   Uruguay   USA

Luxembourg Embassies around the World

  Australia   Austria   Belgium   Brazil   Bulgaria   Burkina Faso   Canada   Chile   China   Cyprus   Denmark   France   Germany   Greece   Italy   Malaysia   Netherlands   Russia   South Korea   Spain   Switzerland   UK   USA